About Hawaii Exotic Fruit

Hawaii Exotic Fruits is the Website representing Hawaii exotic fruit farmers from the Big Island. Our team of growers, packers, and shippers is committed to consistently providing the highest quality fresh exotic fruit while protecting the environment. Our goal is to provide our customers with the freshest and finest fruit.

Why the Big Island?

The Big Island is often referred to as the “Orchid Isle” because it leads the state in growth, production, and export of the majority of Hawaii’s agricultural crops. The Big Island’s diverse climate and expansive landscape are rich in agriculture and exotic fruit. Orchards of every type and size grow throughout the island.

How We Got Our Start?

In the 1970s two pioneering nurseries, Plant It Hawaii on the Big Island and Kahili Farms on Kauai, recognized the potential for the growth of tropical fruits. In 1979, The Hamilton’s started their fruit tree nursery, Plant It Hawaii. The success of Plant It Hawaii led the Hamilton’s to start growing tropical exotic fruits on old sugar cane land on the Big Island.

In the early years they traveled Southeast Asia and Australia collecting varieties and then planted the varieties and evaluated them over the years on the Big Island. Propagating from only the highest quality and best producers, they then planted the finest trees on Hawaii’s rich volcanic slopes and rainy climates for future harvests and propagation stock.

Today the Hamilton family farms about 70 acres of exotic fruits on the lower Puna slopes of the Big Island. Bob Hamilton is the president of the Hawaii Tropical Fruit Cooperative and he and his wife are very active in promoting Hawaii grown tropical and exotic fruits. Bob and Susan work the farm day to day and have 10 full time employees. Their company, Hula Brothers, Inc. grows and packs fresh Hawaii exotic fruits, particularly Longan, Lychee and Rambutan.